Team Albany EDU Basketball 360 - Building brighter futures through education and basketball
We hope you can find the information you need Team Albany 360 is focused on providing  high-quality service and customer satisfaction.  We will do everything we can to meet your expectations all year round.   Team Albany 360 is committed to encouraging excellence in education and personal development among youth through a year round basketball and mentoring program.  We partner with the City of Albany, Albany City School District, Albany Charter Schools, Capital District Business Associations.  For further information, pls contact President, Craig A. Moore at (518) 925-0706 or e-mail:
Additional contacts: 
Tracy Burrell, Vice President of Basketball Operations/Coach, (518) 281-2566
Ron Monson, General Manager, (518) 248-9851
Craig Moore, Jr., Vice President of Basketball Player Development, (518) 428-5667
Dwayne Caldwell, Director of Basketball Player Development/Coach, (518) 229-8951
Desean Moore, Multimedia Consultant, (518) 542-6407
Tevon Erwin, Head Coach, (518) 512-1416
Nate Monson, Head Coach, (518) 653-5983
Brian Dupree, Head Coach, (347) 776-9001
Simon Robinson, Ass't Coach, (347) 476-3307
Andre Lawson, Ass't Coach, (518) 590-1118
Hiram Rivera, Ass't  Coach, (518) 505-7572
Chelcy Moore, Director of Girls Division/Head Coach, (518) 414-8484
Denisse Sanchez, Head Coach, (857) 212-1318
Shondaya Burrell, Head Coach, (518) 331-6627
Tai-Symone Rackley, Ass't Coach, (518) 253-8140
Daronda Addison, Ass't Coach, (518) 522-5886

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